Amplifier Club

Get exclusive access while supporting TSE Musicians​!

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What it's about

2020 has thrown a curveball at everyone and performing musicians are no exception. Live performances in intimate venues are a near impossibility and even rehearsing with other musicians can be difficult and feel dangerous.


However, The Sound Ensemble’s musicians are not only dedicated, they are innovative! We have all spent the year learning new techniques and technologies to deepen our craft and have developed new practices to nurture and grow our creative selves. We want everyone to hear it!


Turn Up the Volume

By pledging a minimum of $5 per month you can help support our musicians during this time of uncertainty by becoming a member of the Amplifier Club.

As a member of the Amplifier Club you will receive:

-Bi-monthly releases of exciting material from TSE’s                 musicians including music videos and mini-recitals


-An intimate and inside look into the lives and practices of TSE             musicians


-Exclusive access to never released footage of our collaboration   with local songwriters from the 2019 Songwriter Showcase


-The satisfaction that you are helping musicians be heard!



How to subscribe

If you can do $5, that is wonderful! If $10 or more is just as easy for you, it will really go a long way toward helping our musicians and amplifying their sound! We want more people to hear The Sound Ensemble so please invite your friends! 

100% of the proceeds will go to supporting our musicians during this socially distanced time.

Please follow the "subscribe" button to pledge your monthly donation.

Thank you.