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Dr. Kate MacKenzie is a bassoonist and music instructor. She is strongly committed to the integration of scholarship, research, pedagogy and performance. As a freelance bassoonist, she regularly performs with orchestral and chamber ensembles in Seattle, Washington and worldwide. Having studied extensively in both Europe and Asia, MacKenzie has performed with numerous international ensembles and worked with several notable music teachers. She received a Doctorate in Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University, a Master of Music degree from Miami University of Ohio, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the University of California, Davis. Her teachers include Dr. Albie Micklich, Dr. Christin Schillinger, David Granger, and David Seidel. 


Because of her work as a researcher, educator, and performer, MacKenzie gives numerous lectures and workshops at schools and universities throughout the country.  You can read find MacKenzie’s work published in several locations including The Double Reed Journal, published by the International Double Reed Society (Understanding Performance Anxiety: An Analysis of Gender and Double Reed Musicians, Vol. 36 No. 2) and on her personal blog.”


*Photo credit William Munoz

*photo credit Alec Miller

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