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Bobby Collins

Bobby Collins has conducted a variety of ensembles including symphony, chamber, and pit orchestras, as well as contemporary music ensembles ranging from beginning to professional. He currently serves as Music Director for both Seattle Festival Orchestra and The Sound Ensemble, and Assistant Conductor for Lake Union Civic Orchestra. He has conducted, in performance, groups such as Skagit Symphony, Saratoga Orchestra and Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra. 

As Co-Founder and Music Director, Bobby has contributed heavily to the growth and development of The Sound Ensemble. His work has helped establish TSE as one of the leading new music ensembles in the region, as they promote equity and make modern classical music accessible and engaging for all. Bobby is uniquely gifted at crafting engrossing programs to enrich and entertain diverse audiences. With both Seattle Festival Orchestra and The Sound Ensemble, he has been instrumental in developing educational programs that engage kids of all ages in classical music.

Bobby has also appeared in concert with orchestras such as St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic, Yakima Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, Rainier Symphony, Cascade Symphony, Thalia Symphony, Inverted Space Ensemble as well as the Ludus and Leavenworth Summer Theater’s pit orchestras.


Bobby is the first ensemble conductor to successfully never watch an episode of Game of Thrones...

  Music director  


*photo credit Alec Miller

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